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Reuters reports that the National Retail Federation (NRF) yesterday announced the formation of an Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC), an industry group for the retail industry that is described as focused on "collecting and sharing intelligence about cyber security threats in a bid to prevent future attacks in the wake of last year's big attack on Target Corp."

The story explains that "ISACs are industry groups that typically run security operations centers that operate around the clock, providing alerts about emerging threats to their members and sharing information provided by law enforcement and other government agencies.

"They are set up under terms of a 1998 U.S. presidential directive to foster sharing of security information between the public and private sector.

"There are more than a dozen such organizations among industries including financial services, emergency services, healthcare, technology companies, public transportation and utilities."

The financial services industry ISAC will help with the set up of the retail industry ISAC.
KC's View:
I've said all along that any effective battle against cyber-crimes and cyber-terrorism has to be coordinated by both a retail alliance that works closely with federal authorities. These seems like a step in the right direction.