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The Wall Street Journal reports that early users of the Amazon Dash, the retailer's new handheld grocery ordering device, are responding positively to the technology.

According to the story, the device - free for now and available only to Amazon Prime Fresh customers in Los Angeles and San Francisco who are invited to test it - "allows users to order goods by scanning barcodes of everyday groceries. When there is no barcode - as on a pineapple - a microphone and voice recognition technology allow users to speak their additions to a shopping list."

It is early yet, but shoppers are saying that they find the Dash easy to use, that it increases their shopping on Amazon, and while there have been some glitches, it also results in other, related products being recommended to users.
KC's View:
There are a number of people like me who continue to wonder why Amazon made the Dash a device instead of building its capabilities into a smartphone application. Maybe it'll do both things, if the tests prove the concept and it rolls out the Dash program on a wider scale.

There will be one key metric, I'd guess. Does it sell more stuff?