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The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that Sprouts Farmers Market has plans to open four stores in the Atlanta area - in Snellville, Dunwoody, Norcross and Johns Creek - before the end of the year. It is the Arizona-based company's first foray into Georgia and the southeastern US.

As the story notes, "In the battle for shoppers looking for ample organic food choices, Sprouts will compete with major retailers such as Whole Foods, The Fresh Market and, increasingly, Wal-Mart, which recently announced plans to offer a wider variety of organic foods at competitive prices."
KC's View:

I wonder to what extent the announcement by Walmart and Wild Oats that they intend to make a major push with economically priced organics - as heralded in the YouTube video at left - is going to force other companies with the same agenda to move up their own expansion plans. Sprouts definitely has a niche, and I know a number of folks who like shopping its stores, but it cannot be thrilled with the Walmart/Wild Oats partnership. (Though, I suppose there is an argument that Walmart and Wild Oats are actually expanding the pie, creating a larger marketplace in which everybody does better.)