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On the subject of government regulations, often a topic here on MNB, reader Herb Sorenson had the following observation:

My job 40+ years ago required daily scanning of the Federal Register.  It was an eye-opening exercise with life-long impact, for me.  Regulation after regulation was a blatant attempt by one business interest to screw another business interest.  The idea that this is all some exercise in looking out for the citizenry is farcical.  Of course, over the years, a lot of faux-consumerists have gotten on board, too.

This is why the ONLY possible solution is reduction of the size of the citizen crushing machine.  I saw Microsoft go from a young entrepreneurial business to a global lobbying titan.  Why?  Because their business enemies began to use the force of government to attack them, rather than the marketplace.

The ONLY solution I see to this is to cut total government down to a maximum of 20% of GDP.  If we don't, there is no possibility of being anything but an oligarchical crony capitalist/socialist commune.

When I was young, I always wanted to join a commune. But I don't think that's the kind of commune you have in mind…

Regarding the pressure being placed on Walgreens by some investors to move its HQ to Paris to avoid US corporate taxes, one MNB user wrote:

Born capitalist at heart but how about this to appease both sides: Move to Switzerland, make lots of money, re-invest it in America where the healthcare market is worth billions upon billions of dollars and create more jobs, more wellness schemes and make the country a healthier place with more employment?

We had a story yesterday about Facebook considering an entry into the mobile payments business, which prompted MNB reader Alex Jackson to write:

I totally agree with your thoughts. Especially after reading Facebook’s “privacy” terms for their Facebook Messenger app, which basically says you have absolutely no privacy when logged into Facebook Chat on your phone, I can’t help but think that Facebook would give their client’s access to your credit card information, bank accounts, etc.

And referencing the KFC prom corsage promotion that includes a piece of chicken on the corsage, one reader offered:

Just what you want to get on your new prom dress, chicken grease stains. Charming. Actually, the bigger concern I would be worried about is the group of teenage food dummies that will take a munch after wearing it unrefrigerated for hours on end, get sick, possibly very sick and the parents sue the chick corsage peddlers.  Some marketing ideas are best left in the coffee room.
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