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Business Insider has a story about Louis Borders, who launched the Webvan e-grocery service in 1999 only to see it collapse when it tried to expand outside the San Francisco area, taking with it hundreds of millions of dollars in investment capital.

He's gonna try again.

According to the story, "a stealth startup called Home Delivery Service" can be found on Borders' incubator website, describing the service as offering shoppers "a single online store to shop for fresh foods and general merchandise from the world’s leading retail brands … The company will have distribution centers where it will assemble multiretailer orders in returnable totes that it will send to users free, with same-day delivery."
KC's View:
If that doesn't work, maybe Borders will try the book business…

Actually, I think it would be a great story if the founder of one of the worst dot-com failures ever got a little redemption. I'd certainly be willing to try his service.

I wouldn't invest in it. But I'd try it.