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The New York Times the other day had an interview with Evernote CEO Phil Libin in which he defined how mobile is changing the way people don't just use technology, but how they interface with information.

“We used to interact with personal computers daily, for two or three hours at a time,” he says. “With laptops, we started interacting three or four times a day for 20 minutes each. Mobile phones made that into sessions of two minutes, 50 times a day.”

In the future, when connected appliances and wearable computers become commonplace, he says, “we’ll be having sessions of 10 seconds each, a thousand times a day.”

The Times quotes Libin as saying that he is "designing jobs that don’t exist yet," and trying to find people "who know how to build interfaces for a world where computers understand context, what you need to see next."
KC's View:
Marketers in all venues need to be doing the same thing … because if they don't, they may be caught behind with no reasonable hope of catching up.