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The Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft plans to start producing - or funding the production of - original programming that wold be exclusively available to Xbox users.

First up: a series produced by Steve Spielberg that will based on "Halo," the popular videogame.

According to the story, "Microsoft is producing TV-like series in an effort to broaden the appeal of the console beyond videogame devotees. Shows will include a reality-style series about soccer and a documentary about a landfill with discarded Atari games." Other internet companies getting into the original production game include Netflix ("House of Cards"), Amazon ("Alpha House"), Hulu and Yahoo!.
KC's View:
The one thing that the Journal does that I really disagree with is characterize all this original production as wholly unoriginal, simply because everybody is doing it. A lot of companies may be testing the same waters, but they'll be doing it in different ways, bringing different sensibilities to the concept.

I just think it is interesting to see how content and venue are melding together … and how companies looking to build sustainable models are realizing that they need to control the entire supply/value chain. Which is a lesson for a lot of companies.