retail news in context, analysis with attitude has a long an interesting piece about Denise Morrison, who since 2011 has been the CEO of Campbell Soup, making a priority of creating "a new innovative culture that would address the changes in the marketplace, get better results, and deliver shareholder value."

In one comment, Morrison talks about the importance of driving decision-making: "We were a culture that spent a lot of time driving alignment, which meant we were talking to each other – and it slowed us down. And some decision-making requires alignment, and some doesn’t. And so, making that determination and figuring out who has the decision? What decision has to be made? Who’s an advisor, and who needs to be informed?  We trained all of our leaders on how to do that. And now we get in the room, we make decisions, and we go. And that’s accelerated our pace."

You can read the entire piece here.
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