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Amazon yesterday announced "the launch of its Wearable Technology store - a one-stop shop where customers can … discover the latest in wearable technology and research wearable devices including activity trackers, smart watches, wearable cameras and more. In addition to the largest selection of items from top brands including Samsung, Jawbone and GoPro, the store features products from emerging brands like Basis and Misfit as well as devices coming soon from brands like Narrative and Bionym."

The announcement goes on to say that "customers can shop the Wearable Technology store by category, compare products and discover the devices that are right for them. Customers will find the same shopping tools they've come to know and love from Amazon, including fast and free shipping, Free Two-Day shipping with Amazon Prime, editorial reviews, personalized product recommendations, customer reviews and best sellers."
KC's View:
I suspect that this reflects the reality of how Amazon is going to deal with questions about its investment strategies and stock price. It is just going to maintain momentum and keep doing new things … because to take a pause just to bolster profits would be to give competitors a chance to catch up. Which would have a far greater negative impact than a temporary drop in share price.