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The Arizona Republic reports that while Amazon has begun offering tours of its fulfillment center in Phoenix - beginning May 6 - actually getting a chance to see the warehouse facility isn't all that easy.

It isn't that the process os signing up for a tour of the facility - the size of 28 football fields - is hard. You just go online to do so. (The tours are offered on the first and third Tuesdays of every month.)

The problem is that Amazon already has booked up tours at the Arizona facility through March 2015.

There are five other Amazon fulfillment centers offering tours - in Chattanooga, Tennessee; Chester, Virginia; Jeffersonville, Indiana; Middletown, Delaware; and San Bernadino, California.
KC's View:
I did a little quick checking, and found that the the Indiana center seems to be the only one with any space left in 2014. Everybody else is booked up into 2015.

No real surprise here, though … since everybody would like to look behind the curtain. (Though trust me … there are two curtains. We're only going to see behind one of them.)