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The San Antonio Business Journal reports that H-E-B plans to launch an e-commerce service laster this year, which the story says "would seem to put it in competition with delivery services such as’s Prime Pantry and Google Shopping Express, which couriers products from Target and Costco."

Bob McCullough, H-E-B's senior vice president of manufacturing, tells the paper that "it will be a world-class offering you’ll be very excited about," though he declined to offer any further details.

The Journal also reports that H-E-B plans to open three new manufacturing plants over the next few years, including a milk processing plant in Mexico and a snack production plant in the US.
KC's View:
It seems certain, given what I know about H-E-B, that when it launches an e-commerce service, it will be one that is targeted and differentiated. H-E-B is a company that assiduously avoids me-too offerings, so I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with.