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Bloomberg reports that Amazon and Twitter have signed a deal that lets Twitter users "shop directly from posts on its microblogging service, part of a push to add e-commerce options for advertisers."

The story goes on to explain that "when product links appear in a tweet, U.S. customers can add the items to their Amazon shopping carts by replying to the post with the hashtag #AmazonCart … While Twitter won’t get a cut of individual sales, Amazon will increase spending on Twitter advertising products … Amazon and Twitter users must connect their accounts on the two websites to enable the new service, and the shopping tweets will be shared publicly in Twitter feeds if the user’s account is unlocked, Seattle-based Amazon said on its website. The items won’t be purchased until users go to their Amazon shopping carts to complete the transactions."

According to the piece, "By enabling e-commerce, Twitter is aiming to keep consumers on its site for longer and learn more about their interests and shopping habits - valuable information for advertisers, which contribute the bulk of the company’s revenue."
KC's View:
This is all part of that I've been calling the"long game" - Amazon finding ways to connect with customers whenever and whenever possible. it is about being both the first option and creating a path of least resistance between customers and the products in which they are interested. Or, as Jeff Bezos likes to say, "making it easier for people to buy things."