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The Los Angeles Times reports that Best Buy will begin featuring in-store entertainment boutiques in its stores, with Samsung Entertainment Experience sections in 500 stores and Sony Experience sections in 350 units.

According to the story, "Last year, Samsung opened hundreds of mini-shops inside U.S. Best Buy stores that focused on the brand's smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras and accessories. The latest iteration is driven by home theater offerings. In particular, the new shops will highlight Samsung's latest line of televisions, including its selection of curved ultra-high-definition TVs, and home audio products … Sony says its Experience at Best Buy shop-in-shops will provide customers with interactive demonstration areas and dedicated Sony Experience Experts. It, too, will be heavily touting UHD television sets, also known as 4K."
KC's View:
It seems to me that this represents a calculation on Best Buy's part that its brand is far less important to consumers than the brands it sells. Which may not say a lot about Best Buy, but I still think this is a good idea … it at least provides the retailer with a reason for being, and saves Samsung and Sony from trying to copy the Apple Store.