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Crain's Chicago Business reports that in a speech at the company's annual shareholders meeting, Sears CEO/chairman Edward Lampert said that "closing stores is going to be part of our future … I'd rather do (fewer closures) rather than more, but the world has shifted."

The story notes that "Sears has closed about 500 stores since 2005 — 305 of them since 2010 — but Mr. Lampert said he could not estimate how many more will shutter. He did say that whereas he previously would have kept a marginally performing store open in the hopes of improving it, industry changes and the shift to online means that today 'the decision more often than not is to not renew the lease'."

According to Crain's, Lampert "outlined a vision of Sears' stores five years from now that will be physically smaller and sell both Sears merchandise and goods from third-party retailers, much the way the company's online Marketplace currently sells 120 million products, the vast majority of which are not Sears' own merchandise."
KC's View:
Sure, Sears has to subtract from its store count. But I think it'll be addition that determines whether or not it is successful … the addition of relevant products and services that make it a desirable option for shoppers.