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MobileMarketer reports that Coca-Cola is testing what is described as "a line of interactive refrigerators integrated with augmented reality and mobile technology," which, the story says, "highlights the need for marketers to round out digital investments with physical assets to make the most of in-store experiences."

The tests reportedly have been conducted in Atlanta, Tokyo, London and Australia, and the story says that the unit "leverages augmented reality, facial recognition, social media and mobile to dole out relevant offers and content to specific consumers in-store … The technology lets marketers push out coupons, promotional material and games based on data that is gleamed from the appliance, such as a shopper’s emotion.

"For example, Coca-Cola can theoretically push out different offers to consumers based on demographic information that the fridges’ facial recognition features are picking up, such as age, gender or emotion."
KC's View:
Yikes. I guess this is going to be enjoyed and embraced by a lot of people, but I think they have to be careful to somehow turn this into an opt-in service. Nothing would annoy me more than be talked to by a refrigerator if I don't want to have such a conversation.