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In Milwaukee, the Journal Sentinel reports that Roundy's - as it said that it had a quarterly net loss - announced that it "is exiting the Minneapolis market as it continues to focus on growing in Chicago and revitalizing its southeast Wisconsin stores." Roundy's said that it is selling 18 Rainbow stores in Minnesota for approximately $65 million, plus inventory.

According to the announcement, the sale includes 13 Rainbow pharmacies and three Rainbow liquor stores in Minnesota. Jerry’s Enterprises, Haug Enterprises, Lund Food Holdings, and Radermacher Enterprises have joined Supervalu in executing these acquisitions. Once completed, the acquired stores are intended to be operated by Supervalu, a Cub franchisee or an independent retailer as 10 new Cub Foods locations, two new Byerly’s locations and six locations are expected to be operated under the Rainbow banner … Of the 18 stores, Supervalu will have 100 percent ownership in three Cub stores, majority ownership in two Cub stores, minority ownership in three Cub stores and 100 percent ownership in two Rainbow stores as well as 100 percent ownership interest in eleven pharmacies.
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