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The Cincinnati Business Courier has a story about how Lynn Marmer, Kroger's group vice president of corporate affairs, last week told an industry conference in Brazil how Kroger "uses customer loyalty as a gauge of how much its customers trust it … If they don’t trust Kroger to keep fresh food in the store, to offer fair prices and to provide great customer service, they won’t come back, Marmer told the audience. So it measures all of that."

"“We relentlessly use this data in every area of our business to get better,” Marmer said. “Store operations, technology, transportation, merchandising, manufacturing all focus on responding to the customer based on what we learn from them in surveys and other listening methods.”
KC's View:
Perhaps the best weapon that Kroger has in the competitive wars is its ability to analyze customer data, and to actually act on actionable information. Not everybody does that … and Kroger is about as granular in its analysis as any big company out there.