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Mother Jones has a terrific piece about a recent meeting of the California Dietetic Association (CDA), at which McDonald's was not just a featured sponsor, but also the sole provider of one day's lunch.

The story goes on:

"McDonald's wasn't the only food company giving away freebies. Cheerful reps at the Hershey's booth passed out miniature cartons of chocolate and strawberry milk. Butter Buds offered packets of fake butter crystals. The California Beef Council guy gave me a pamphlet on how to lose weight by eating steak. Amy's Naturals had microwave brownies. The night before, Sizzler, California Pizza Kitchen, Boston Market, and other chain restaurants had hosted a free evening buffet for conference-goers: 'Local Restaurant Samplings for Your Pleasure.'

"And that wasn't all. The sessions - the real meat and potatoes of the conference - had food industry sponsors as well. The Wheat Council hosted a presentation about how gluten intolerance was just a fad, not a real medical problem. The International Food Information Council - whose supporters include Coca-Cola, Hershey, Yum Brands, Kraft, and McDonald's - presented a discussion in which the panelists assured audience members that genetically modified foods were safe and environmentally sustainable. In 'Bringing Affordable Healthier Food to Communities,' Walmart spokespeople sang the praises of (what else?) Walmart."

You can read the entire story here.
KC's View:
I'm not sure which impulse is greater - the likelihood that I'd choke on some of this food, or the probability that I'd choke on the hypocrisy.