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GeekWire reports that "Amazon is significantly ramping up its use of warehouse robots from its Kiva Systems subsidiary — expecting to have 10,000 of the robots deployed in its warehouses around the world by the end of the year … That’s up from around 1,000 robots in Amazon warehouses currently … It’s part of a broader effort by the company to increase the level of automation to make its fulfillment centers more efficient."

Amazon says that the automation efforts won't reduce the actual numbers of humans it employs.

The robots are made by Kiva Systems, which Amazon acquired for $775 million in 2012.
KC's View:
I can't shake the feeling that Kiva might be a dummy company created by Cyberdyne Systems, and that Skynet could be the technology backbone for the whole thing.

Because let's face it. If we found out that Jeff Bezos actually has an endoskeleton, would we really be surprised?