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The San Jose Mercury News reports that Walmart's Global eCommerce unit plans to double its employee count, from about 550 to 1,000, as it acquires a 107,000 square foot space in Sunnyvale, California.

The story notes that this move places Walmart's online efforts in the middle of California's technology epicenter: "Sunnyvale has become a hot spot for tech expansion: Google, LinkedIn and Apple have leased large spaces over the past year or two that represent their first office operations in Sunnyvale. The Twitter lease represented the social network's initial outpost in the Bay Area beyond San Francisco, where the company has its headquarters."
KC's View:
As long as Walmart continues to drive online innovation from Northern California, and competes for innovators with the likes of Google and Apple, I think the company has a real shot at overcoming some of the legacy issues that could impede its growth.