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The Oregonian reports that there is a new food retailer in the Portland area - and it is on wheels.

According to the story, "My Street Grocery is a health food store on wheels from Whole Foods Market that partners with Portland-area health clinics to make fresh, healthy food more accessible.

"Amelia Pape co-founded My Street Grocery as an independent business in 2012 after developing the concept in graduate school at Portland State University. The store's first ride was a refurbished Franz bread truck. The start-up worked with non-profits, but after Pape's partners left she approached Whole Foods about combining forces."

It took Whole Foods about 10 minutes to agree to do it, she says.

The paper writes that "the mobile store opened May 21 and celebrated the launch Monday in Northwest Portland. On Wednesday morning the trolley was stationed at Oregon Health and Science University's Family Medicine of Richmond clinic on Division Street." It is open four days a week, the location varies by day, it accepts cash, card and food stamps, and "houses freezers and refrigerators that store meat, dairy and juice, among other products. The shelves are lined with whole grain pasta, dried fruit and soups. Fresh produce, nuts and cereal sit on tables and shelves outside."
KC's View:
My favorite kind of story. It has a retailer quite literally thinking outside the box. It involves heathy food. And it takes place in Portland, Oregon, and involves Portland State University, which has the terrific Center for Retail Leadership (and where I am on the adjunct faculty, slated to once again team-teach a marketing class this summer).

Doesn't get any better than that.