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USA Today conducted a survey in the wake of the Target data breach and reports that:

• "A full 24% of those surveyed said they had stopped buying anything online in recent weeks because they were concerned about the safety of information they might put online.

• "56% said they had cut back on the number of Internet sites they used and were only going to large, well-known companies they were confident were safe."

• "The poll found that users are also keeping a closer eye on their accounts, with 55% saying they had started checking banking, investment and credit card sites more often for signs that someone had hacked into their accounts."

• "People with less education and lower-incomes were more likely to stop buying anything online. Those with more education and higher incomes were more likely to have changed passwords and cut back on the sites they use."
KC's View:
I'm a little surprised by this … since I've probably thought more about the breach when I've used by debit card in stores and in gas stations than when I've shopped online. I have to wonder if I'm in a minority on this.