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• Associated Wholesalers, Inc. (“AWI”) today announced that President and Chief Executive Officer J. Christopher Michael is retiring from the Company after 41 years with the company. Matthew Saunders has been named President and Chief Executive Officer of AWI, effective immediately.

AWI also announced today that the AWI Board of Directors has decided to pursue a sale of its White Rose Food subsidiary. This action is described as "a key part of steps AWI is taking to set a strategic direction that will provide the cooperative with the opportunity to refocus on AWI’s core legacy business – a business that was built on the entrepreneurial spirit of AWI’s members."

United Press International reports that Missouri-based Fruitland American Meat has recalled more than 4,000 pounds of beef because of concerns about bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), better known as mad cow disease.

The Associated Press reports that "the products were produced between September 2013 and April 2014 and were distributed to a restaurant in New York City, another in Kansas City, Missouri, and a Whole Foods distribution center in Connecticut."

It's not that the beef is infected. The problem is that, according to the story, "branches of the animal's central nervous system," also called "dorsal root ganglia," were not removed when the muscle was extracted. That's a "potentially fatal federal health violation," because it can be a carrier for BSE.

Cincinnati Business Courier reports that Kroger plans to "build a massive $250 million distribution center in suburban Atlanta … The company plans to open it by 2015 and hire between 700 and 900 workers … The center will be more than 1 million square feet."

• Yesterday, MNB reported that Anheuser Busch and Miller Coors were the targets of an online campaign to force them to disclose the ingredients in their beers. To this point, they have not had to because their industries are controlled by the Department of the Treasury, not the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Well, USA today reports this morning that A-B has "rolled over," and has started posting its beer ingredients online.

"As American consumer needs evolve, we want to meet their expectations," said Terri Vogt, vice president of communications of Anheuser-Busch, in a statement. "Therefore, we are working to list our beer ingredients on our website, just as you would see for other food and non-alcohol beverage producers."

• Fresh & Easy said yesterday that it is continuing to expand its Wild Oats branded product selection, offering a broader range of Wild Oats Marketplace Organic and Wild Oats Marketplace items.

"We are excited about bringing innovative new products to our customers and believe that FRESH is the natural evolution in organic food offerings," Jim Keyes, CEO of Fresh & Easy, said in a prepared statement. "Wild Oats products have been a huge hit and contribute to our mission to make Fresh & Easy the preferred destination for convenient, affordable and high-quality foods."
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