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Amazon may be getting some bad press these days because of the pricing disputes with Hachette over books and Warner Bros. over DVDs that are preventing those companies' products from being sold on its site, but Fortune has a piece suggesting that we are living in an Amazon economy, and it is only going to become more so.

You can read the entire story here, but essentially, here's the argument: Amazon is hiring a lot of people. (Whether these are high-paying jobs is another issue.) It continues to grow. That means that there are a lot of companies on which it depends that have to hire people to keep up with demand. That means they continue to grow. Sure, some people lose jobs because of Amazon, but the net effect remains positive.

And it is likely to become more so over time.

Check out the article. Form your own opinion. And then think about while you are waiting for Amazon to deliver whatever it is you ordered from it over the past 72 hours.
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