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CNBC reports that "after a series of gaffes entering the Canadian market last year, including high prices and a rushed expansion, Target took to the Internet to issue an apology to its shoppers in The Great White North.

In a YouTube video posted last week, members of Target's Canada team talk about their excitement to bring the bullseye retailer to the country, only to undergo a series of missteps—and criticism—when it opened more than 100 locations in a year."

In the video, Damien Liddle, Target Canada's senior corporate counsel, is seen saying, "Maybe we didn't put our best foot forward when we entered into Canada. We had some disappointments when we opened. Certainly we think we disappointed our guests. But here at headquarters and at our store teams we're working really hard to give everybody that unique Target experience."

• The Associated Press reports that UPS, following a similar move by FedEx, early next year "will consider box size when setting prices for ground shipment of parcels within the U.S. and Canada," a move that could increase prices for its customers. The company is said to believe that "the change will push customers to put lightweight items in smaller boxes that take up less space on its familiar brown trucks, reducing the company's costs."

• The Charlotte Business Journal reports that Kroger-owned Harris Teeter "is rolling out lower prices at additional stores across its footprint. The grocery chain has expanded its 'New Lower Price' campaign to include stores in Maryland, Northern Virginia, Delaware, Washington, D.C., and three stores in Charlottesville, Va.

"Harris Teeter says the initiative will reduce prices on thousands of products. The list includes grocery, organic and perishable items — both national and Harris Teeter brands."
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