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• In a follow up story about Walmart's acquisition of Stylr, described as "a mobile app that allows shoppers to locate clothes in nearby stores," CNBC quotes Gibu Thomas, Walmart's senior vice president of mobile and digital, as writing in a blog post that the deal makes sense because more than half of Walmart's shoppers with smartphones "have powered up their devices while shopping in-store."

Thomas goes on to say that Walmart is "excited about the opportunity to serve these customers with indispensable digital tools that bring the convenience of online shopping into our physical stores and integrate our online and offline experiences to enable our customers to shop anytime, anywhere."

As previously noted, this is part of a broader Walmart strategy; Style is the 13th acquisition in three years by the retailer's @Walmart Labs division.
KC's View:
Think about the moves that Walmart has to make in order to compete in a world where Amazon's Fire phone exists. This is just the beginning.