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• Starbucks has announced that it plans to begin selling a line of handcrafted sodas - dubbed Fizzio, coming in three flavors (spiced root beer, ginger ale and lemon ale) and made without artificial flavors, preservatives or high-fructose corn syrup. The rollout will begin with 3,500 Starbucks stores in the southern U.S. and Hawaii, and is designed, along with a new line of sandwiches, to help make Starbucks a stronger lunchtime option for consumers.

Bloomberg reports that "Nestle’s Institute of Health Sciences, a research arm of the world’s largest food company, is developing tools to analyze and measure people’s levels of dozens of essential nutrients. The goal is to offer supplements tailored to an individual’s needs, possibly through a device not unlike its Nespresso machine -- though that could take many years to develop.

"The program, code-named 'Iron Man,' is part of the Swiss company’s efforts to treat metabolic, brain and gastrointestinal disorders with new foods and beverages. At Nestle’s health institute, called NIHS, over 110 scientists are working on projects from molecular biomarkers of obesity to discovering links between vitamin and mineral deficiencies and illnesses such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease."

Nestle’s research on personalized nutrition could lead to “business propositions that today we cannot imagine,” says Luis Cantarell, who runs the Iron Man initiative.
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