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Advertising Age reports that "now that digital and social media are reaching what Walmart U.S. Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Quinn calls 'critical mass,' the retail giant is reshaping its marketing team and changing how it works with suppliers – including buying media for them … Walmart met recently with around 200 supplier marketing executives in part to discuss the Walmart Exchange, or WMX, which its executives bill as a digital targeting, buying and optimization platform that will bring everything from sales to social-media data to bear on spending plans for Walmart and its suppliers."

The goal is to create more synchronized and effective marketing programs that envelop all the various different media with common themes, messages and product values.
KC's View:
They're playing my song when one of the executives involved says that Walmart no longer produces commercials. Rather, he says,"We shoot content."

However, it is interesting to compare this story to the one about how its Neighborhood Markets may be underperforming … simply because it is beginning to sound like maybe Walmart has a greater specificity of vision when it comes to digital.

Walmart has to be careful, because it is engaged in a multi-front conflict. They have to figure out not just how to make small stores work, but how to integrate them into the larger competitive vision.