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James Garner, who enjoyed stardom in both the movies (The Great Escape, The Americanization of Emily, Space Cowboys, Murphy's Romance) and on television, where he starred in two of the medium's most enduring hits, "Maverick" and "The Rockford Files," has died of natural causes. He was 86.
KC's View:
When the news of Garner's death broke, I wrote on Facebook that he was a unique example of American masculinity - compassionate, no-nonsense, funny, with common sense and no desire to fight but a willingness to engage when pushed. He's got a lot of great work to his name...and a legacy that will survive him for a long time.

Is there anyone who didn't like James Garner as an actor? He was one of those people who instantly raised the level of everything in which he worked - perhaps mostly because he seemed like a guy with a ton of integrity, and that integrity seemed central to every project he graced with his considerable presence.