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Bloomberg Businessweek reports that McDonald's has decided to use the next 18 months to do some soul searching and rebranding, telling investors that "it is taking the next year and a half to regroup after sales continued to slide in the recent quarter and such competitors as Chipotle seem to be leaving the burger leader behind. In McDonald’s case, however, the repositioning won’t necessarily involve the typical hallmarks of a rebrand, such as a new logo or total design overhaul … will instead focus on reworking the basics: better value, service, marketing, and menu."

The goal "is to become a 'more trusted and respected brand,'” says CEO Don Thompson, and create a dining experience “customers will feel good about."
KC's View:
Three words - make better burgers. (For an example, go check out Burgerville in Oregon…a fast food restaurant that doesn't cater to the lowest common denominator.)