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• In its coverage of the executive changes at Walmart, MarketWatch notes that Greg Foran, who is replacing Bill Simon as CEO of the company's US discount stores, "is a groundbreaking choice: He has never worked in the U.S. Instead, Foran spent his last decade before joining Wal-Mart at Woolworths Ltd. the biggest retailer in Australia and New Zealand. He only left, according to Australian press reports, after he was passed over for the top job."

Which is sort of ironic, since, as the story points out, Simon is leaving Walmart "after being passed over for the top job in favor of (Doug) McMillon."

The story suggests that Foran is perceived as a more accomplished merchant than Simon, and that he will bring new thinking and approaches to a US operation that badly needs both - which is exactly what McMillon wanted. However, radical changes are not expected, but rather just a focus "on e-commerce and the acceleration of opening smaller stores," which is where McMillon is placing his biggest bets.
KC's View:
As someone wrote me yesterday, y'think that Simon might be interested in the top job at Target? (I wonder when his noncompete runs out…)