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MNB has reported in the past about Uber, the care-and-driver-for-hire movement that the traditional taxi cab industry sees as threatening its livelihood. (They're right. It does. But instead of competing, taxi drivers like to do things like tie up traffic and stage protests. While Uber drivers pick up passengers.)

Now, Bloomberg, Uber is getting business-friendly.

"Business travelers will now be able to book rides with Uber Technologies Inc. and pay using company accounts, expanding the potential size of the car-booking market," the story says. "The San Francisco-based company is also teaming up with Concur Technologies Inc. (CNQR), a travel and expense management service, to make it easier for road warriors and their employers to use Uber and track claims, the companies said."

Uber is not alone in expanding its reach: "Uber’s push for corporate customers follows a deal between Airbnb Inc., a short-term room rental service, and Concur yesterday to offer rooms for business travelers. Uber and Airbnb are among a growing number of businesses making up the sharing economy. By connecting individuals with excess capacity or funds with customers seeking alternative services or cheaper deals, the startups are disrupting established industries."
KC's View:
Expect the taxi industry to respond with a coordinated, forceful hissy fit.