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by Kevin Coupe

CNet reports that Amazon-owned Zappos has been testing a new service, called Ask Zappos, that "takes requests via image and works to track down any item, even if Zappos doesn't carry it." According to the story, "Zappos uses image recognition technology to help the stylists find perfect product matches. And Zappos has trained the stylists in the art of spotting brands and products at a glance. So far, they've been delivering responses on the same day they're requested."

The goal of the service the story says, is to "wow the customer" while simultaneously personalizing the shopping experience.

Personally, I think Zappos is capable of just about anything … I have rarely encountered a company that so consistently exceeds the valuer and service promises that it makes to shoppers, sometimes seeming to bend the rules of space and time to get ordered products into customers' hands.

Zappos almost always is an Eye-Opener.
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