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• The Wall Street Journal reports that the dispute between Amazon and Hachette may go on longer than many people expect, judging by the 18 months of negotiations that took place between Amazon and Kensington Publishing Corp., a small New York book publisher,, in order to reach a 12-month deal.

According to the story, the final agreement required both sides to give some on "list prices, payment terms, and promotional funding." And the Journal reports that similar negotiations may be taking place between Amazon and other publishers.

As previously reported here on MNB, the Amazon-Hachette dispute boiled over when the e-tailer decided to play hardball by severely limiting the availability of Hachette-published books. Hachette has claimed that Amazon is asking for unfair financial terms, while Amazon has said that it is looking for a financial structure that accurately reflects the diminished role that traditional publishers play in a digital world.
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