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by Kevin Coupe

Business Insider has a story about a new report from an organization called Flurry, which concludes that "women are dominating the mobile game space in terms of both time and money spent. Flurry found they make 31% more in-app purchases than men and spend 35% more time in gaming apps. Women were also more loyal to apps than men, with 42% higher retention rates."

According to the story, "Flurry also looked at engagement based on the different types of games men and women were playing. The categories that skewed female were endless/runner, brain/quiz, social turn-based, bingo, match3/bubble shooter, casino/poker, slots, solitaire, and management/simulation. The categories that skewed male were action — RPG, shooter, sports, tower defense, strategy, and card/battle."

To get the results, Flurry reportedly analyzed "1.1 million devices around the world."

Not sure how they did that, exactly. But the numbers - if they are correct - certainly qualify as an Eye-Opener.
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