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The New York Times reports that Uber, the start-up private, car sharing service, has hired political strategist David Plouffe, who helped to engineer (twice) the election of Barack Obama as president, to be its new senior vice president of policy and strategy.

According to the story, Plouffe "said he planned to run Uber’s communication efforts much like a political race, pushing to woo consumers and regulators alike in the company’s fast-paced expansion across the world … Plouffe’s move to Uber is the latest example of someone from a position of influence in Washington moving to a big technology company to help it expand its communications, policy or lobbying efforts."

And, he tells Politico,“We’ll be trying to change the point of view of established politicians, and there’s a lot of resistance coming from people who want to protect the status quo."

“As more of a techie and entrepreneur, it’s new territory to understand how politics works and how campaigns are run,” Travis Kalanick, Uber's CEO, tells the Times. "We needed somebody on the policy and strategy side who is also a kindred spirit as a data geek."
KC's View:
Plouffe was reported to be a likely chief of staff during Obama's last two years in office, but he clearly thinks that working in the private sector can be both more influential and more financially rewarding. There are few guys out there who know as much as Plouffe about how to accumulate, analyze and then use data in the service of a cause, so this is a big hire for Uber.