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Bloomberg Businessweek reports that Home Depot is saying that it is "working with banks and law enforcement on the possible incursion, following a report by KrebsOnSecurity that a 'massive' batch of stolen credit- and debit-card information was posted for sale online … In Home Depot’s case, the suspected breach may have occurred in late April or early May and could encompass all 2,200 of the company’s stores in the U.S."

“The criminals are getting smarter faster than the companies,” Jaime Katz, a Morningstar analyst tells Businessweek. If the Home Depot breach is on the same scale as Target's incident last year, she says, “there is obviously significant concern."
KC's View:
The problem, as it has been explained to me, is that criminals will always be faster than the law-abiding. It is all a matter of how fast companies can keep up.

The other big problem, experts say, is that all this hacking is state-sponsored, with a lot of suspicion that it is yet another front on Putin's war on the west.