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On the subject of data breaches, one MNB user wrote:

Your comments regarding the data breach and the trend that state sponsored elements seem to be rising to the top is right on the money.

This is the next extension of incursions and it's a real threat that is worthy of a Homeland Security type of resourcing and response. Frankly its a type of war on the cyber side that will continue to expand. Private companies are all trying to individually keep up and we need to win collectively from a resourcing and expertise standpoint.

You mentioned Putin in your comments. No question it's a good example of a state that is letting this run wild and is probably, in fact, encouraged/supported directly. Without trying to sound to dramatic---it's a clear and present danger.

From another reader:

If it is true (and, it probably is) that the “bad guys” are faster than the “good guys”, maybe we need to take a hard look at the basic concept of the system itself. Maybe we should go back to paying for more of our things by check – yes, hardcopy. For us baby boomers, we did it before, we can do it again. For the younger folks, it might seem very backward. But it does not seem that there will ever be a real way to get ahead of the hackers. Thus, all of us common folks will always be at risk – at the mercy of the hackers and retailer upper management commitment to data security…

On another subject, one MNB user wrote:

Thanks so much for including the link to the Aspen Ideas Festival. Fascinating discussion which left me impressed with Dave Dillon.


For those of you who may have missed it, the video was of an panel discussion at the Aspen Ideas Festival focusing on "Values at Work: Linking Purpose, Productivity, and Performance."

You can watch it here.
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