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• In Colorado, the Daily Camera reports that Alfalfa's chairman/CEO Mark Retzloff, a cofounder of the company, has been forced out of his management positions, though he remains the company's biggest shareholder and a member of the board of directors.

The stories differ somewhat on why he lost his job. The board says that it is because the company needs someone with stronger operational skills, but Retzloff says that there may have been some personnel issues involved.

Board member James Searcy will serve as CEO on an interim basis while a search is conducted.

• Mi Pueblo Foods, which only recently emerged from bankruptcy, said yesterday that it has named a new CFO, Martin Cortes.

According to the announcement, "Prior to joining Mi Pueblo, Cortes spent three years at Jonakari Enterprises, where he leveraged his 25-year expertise in accounting, finance, and operations to provide strategic solutions for small and large organizations in various sectors, including food retail, consumer packaged goods, restaurants, chemical distribution, engineering and education." He also has also served as CFO for Cardenas Markets and Del Real Foods.
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