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by Kevin Coupe

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I'm Kevin Coupe, and this is FreshTalk.

I'm coming to you from AT&T Park, in San Francisco, where I've just been to a Giants game and have discovered that there's something interesting going on here behind the center field wall.

This used to be a place where they'd store batting cages and some television equipment. But here, Giants management and Bon Appétit, the stadium's foodservice provider, have worked together to create "The Garden," which is where they're growing all sorts of fresh produce that is actually being used in the two restaurants that also are out here.

There are aeroponic towers on which they are growing lettuce, as well as places where they are growing strawberries, kumquats and dwarf artichokes - there is a real sense that this is a thriving, active 4,000 square foot garden. It also seems kind of perfect - this is a part of the country, after all, that thrive son great food, where Alice Waters of Chez Panisse has brought gardens to public schools, and where somehow a garden beyond the center field fence doesn't seem out of place.

My point here - and you can get a better view of The Garden by watching the video at left - is that fresh food is not just something you can talk about. It offers the opportunity to make it front and center, providing not just theater but also providing concrete evidence of your commitment to being fresh and healthy.

That's what is on my mind this morning, and as always, I want to hear what is on your mind.

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