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• Walmart yesterday said that its Walmart Foundation has launched a new Fight Hunger initiative that "will provide $3.7 million in grants to participating Feeding America food banks and local partner agencies that provide hunger relief to millions of people in need of food assistance."

The announcement comes, Walmart said, at "a critical time in our nation when food banks are facing a growing need for donations due to historically high rates of food insecurity. Feeding America recently released its Hunger in America 2014 report showing that in a single year one in seven Americans, including 12 million children, turn to the Feeding America food bank network for food assistance."
KC's View:
I don't want to take a cheap shot here, but you know that as soon as this announcement gets high visibility, the question is going to be asked - how many of these hungry people are employed by Walmart and don't make enough to feed their families? And how many Walmart employees are keeping their families from being hungry by holding down second and third jobs?

The question will get asked. I'm assuming that Walmart will have an answer.