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USA Today reports that HelloFresh, a national fresh recipe-and-meal kit delivery service, is using a new promotion to get customers to try its products instead of fast food - it is telling customers that if they upload a photo of all their fast food receipts from the past year, up to $50, HelloFresh will give them $50 off their first order.

According to the story, "For HelloFresh, it's about winning new customers and market share in the fast-growing but competitive category of home-delivered fresh dinner kits. The ingredients are fresh — and mostly natural. The meal kits, which are delivered overnight on ice, eliminate last-minute grocery store runs for meals. But they require preparation, following step-by-step instruction cards enclosed. It's all about less time spent at the takeout counter and more time spent cooking at the kitchen counter."
KC's View:
My big problem here would be uploading those receipts, since I tend to throw my fast food receipts into the garbage out of shame…