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Kantar Retail is out with a new pricing study, focusing on Target vs. Walmart in Canada, and concluding that "Target Canada is aggressively repositioning to drive its price value."

According to the study, "Kantar Retail assessed a basket of 33 national brand items from edible grocery, non-edible grocery, and health & beauty aids (HBA) at competing Walmart and Target stores located within five kilometers of each other in the Greater Toronto Area to conduct a follow-up pricing analysis of the initial study conducted in March 2013." While the earlier study showed Target and Walmart to be essentially even in Canada, the new study indicates that "Target Canada’s overall basket was 3.9% less expensive than Walmart’s."

In addition, the study says, "Target’s basket achieved its position through temporary price cuts (TPCs) as 36% of its basket was on sale.  In contrast, Walmart’s basket recorded only one Rollback." And, "a majority of items were very closely priced with 67% of the basket items priced within 3% of each other."
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