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GeekWire is out with a story saying that a new study from William Blair, an investment bank, concludes after analyzing the price of 4,000 items at 40 retailers, that Amazon is significantly Cheaper than any of its competitors.

The story says that "on average, it said Amazon’s prices are 5.9 percent lower at the 40 retailers when you are a non-Prime customer in a state charging online sales tax. The Amazon pricing advantage increases to 8.3 percent when shipping fees go away (in the case of orders exceeding $35 or Amazon Prime eligible items); and the price savings can go as high as 15 percent for Prime customers in states that do not collect sales tax (but Amazon is now collecting sales taxes for about two-thirds of all U.S. households.)."

The story goes on: "The Seattle e-commerce giant generally does best on items priced higher than $30 and is least competitive on items in the stores priced less than $10, according to William Blair. It found that Amazon’s inventory included 44 percent of the randomly chosen items, and up to 65 percent of items when only looking at items priced over $20."
KC's View:
No surprise here. Amazon almost has to be the least expensive, simply because it is the most transparent, offering price comparisons in plain view for the customer to gauge.