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by Kevin Coupe

Okay, this is one of the weirder stories you are going to hear today.

New York magazine has a story about 55-year-old Matthew Gibson of North Carolina, who confessed to committing murder 17 years ago after being made to feel guilty by text messages from Walmart.

According to the story, "Gibson took a woman back to his Arizona trailer in 1997 and, when she refused to leave, he beat her to death and threw her body in the Colorado River.

"Gibson stayed silent for 17 years, but when he began receiving texts from Walmart that a prescription for a woman named Anita Townshed was ready, he became convinced that Townshed was the name of the woman he killed and that somebody was onto his deadly secret. He also received a mailer from Walmart with no address or name marked on it."

So he confessed to police.

Here's the kicker: the woman he murdered, in fact, was not named Anita Townshed. That was just his conscience talking…

This whole thing sounds like an episode of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" … a reference which I know dates me horribly.

Still, it is an Eye-Opener.
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