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Here are some numbers that may well blow you away:

"The Diffusion Group (TDG) is releasing a white paper today that concludes that Netflix streaming has increased 350% over the last ten quarters, from 2 billion hours at the end of 2011 to 7 billion hours at the end of the second quarter this year. The average streamer watches 46.6 hours of Netflix content monthly, according to Netflix’s own analysis of things -- up from 28.3 hours during Q4 in 2011."

That report comes from Media Post, which concludes that Netflix has managed to make itself an almost irreplaceable part of the entertainment landscape: "Buying HBO, when cable was newer, was usually presented as an option for film buffs or true television addicts. Subscribing to Netflix is just an ordinary thing, nearly an assumed cost as part of the broadband experience."
KC's View:
That's absolutely true. I don't know that I use Netflix's streaming service frequently enough to justify the cost, but I'm always happy to know it's there, just in case I get a craving for some movie, and am doing research for a project and need to see something so I can get the reference right. A lot of people seem to feel the same way.

And that's the sweet spot for a brand, isn't it?