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Bloomberg is reporting that both Albertsons and Supervalu - which used to own some Albertsons stores until selling them to AB Acquisition LLC - are saying that the computer networks that they have in common may have been hacked yet again, during the period of Aug. 27 through Sept. 21.

It previously had been disclosed by the chains that their systems and customer payment cards had been hacked during the early summer, and that situation remains under investigation.

According to the story, "Supervalu said the latest breach struck the network that processes payment card transactions at some of its Shop ’n Save, Shoppers Food & Pharmacy and Cub Foods owned and franchised stores." And, Albertsons said "stores were affected in nine states including California, Idaho, Montana and North Dakota."

The companies said that "a malicious software program was installed in late August or early September that was different from the intrusions that were previously announced." A new investigation has been launched.
KC's View:
I have to imagine as companies like these - and Home Depot, and Target, and their brethren - deal with hacking problems, they and every other retail company out there has to start adding major dollars to the budget lines that deal with computer and consumer security. That's going to be a line of demarcation - when companies announce that they've been hacked, we're all going to want to know how much money they spent trying to stop it from happening. If they haven't put major dollars against this issue, they'll be deemed untrustworthy.