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MediaPost reports that Family Dollar "is debuting an 'Ad Match Promise,' matching competitor’s prices … the company will also honor competitors’ loyalty card promotions if they are printed in the competitive ad, even if they don’t have the loyalty card. 'Buy One Get One' offers are also covered, as long as the ad specifies the price."

The move even as Family Dollar is fighting of a $9.1 billion acquisition offer from Dollar Tree, preferring an $8.5 billion bid accepted from Dollar Tree, saying that the Dollar Tree offer will create too many antitrust issues.

• The Wall Street Journal reports that the Authors Guild, the nation's largest writers' advocacy group, is urging the US Justice Department to investigate how Amazon is reducing book availability as a way of pressuring publisher Hachette to reduce its prices. The Guild is suggesting that Amazon is in violation of antitrust law.

According to the story, "One person who attended the meeting said Justice Department lawyers listened attentively, but said this wasn't an indication of whether the government would launch such a probe. A Justice Department spokeswoman declined to comment."
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