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The Chicago Tribune is reporting that insurance company USAA "has asked the Federal Aviation Administration for permission to research how drones could be used to improve how it settles claims during natural disasters … the idea would be to use drones that would get into neighborhoods immediately after catastrophes, lessening the need for humans to take on that risk."

"We believe this research can lead to safer, quicker and more economical claims service for our members and their communities," Kathleen Swain, USAA property and casualty group underwriter and a commercial pilot and flight instructor, said in a prepared statement.

USAA serves 10.4 million current and former members of the U.S. military and their families.

The commercial use of drones has been in the news a lot lately, with companies such as Amazon, Google, FedEx and UPS saying they'd like to test the technology for commercial package delivery. While the FAA has been resistant to this application, it has approved the use of drones by film companies to get aerial shots for movies and TV shows.
KC's View:
Seems like a pretty good bet here that by January 2016, at least one major retail-driven company, or major delivery company, will be testing put FAA-approved drone flights for shipping commercial goods. It just seems inevitable.