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Walgreen Co. and WebMD Health Corp. said yesterday that they plan to work together " to provide WebMD's virtual wellness-coaching programs directly to Walgreens customers.  Walgreens will also incorporate WebMD content on a variety of health topics, co-branded by WebMD and Walgreens, into its digital experience and stores.   Additionally, visitors to WebMD will be able to easily use Walgreens' prescription refill and clinic appointment scheduling options from within the WebMD site on their desktop or mobile device."

According to the announcement, "Walgreens will incorporate into its digital experience and stores select WebMD content in various topic areas, including: Allergy, Healthy Eating, Skincare, Fitness, Healthy Aging, Emotional Health, Heart Health, Cold & Flu, Sleep, and Oral Health. In addition, WebMD will make Walgreens' online prescription refill and transfer services and Healthcare Clinic appointment scheduling available across WebMD's desktop and mobile offerings."
KC's View:
In modern retailing, more often than not, it is about being more than a source of product, but also a resource for information. This meets that test … at least IMNSHO.